A platform to promote and involve the people in Kobe’s kayabuki (thatched roof) houses

The appeal of Kayabuki Minka(thatched roof houses)

 Kayabuki roofs are made with susuki(japanese silver grass) and reeds. There are approximately 800 thatched roof houses left in Kobe, mainly in the Kita and Nishi Wards. Many people, including government officials, craftsmen, and the property owners, are working to preserve and utilize the local thatched roof landscape.

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Kayabuki Minka(Thatched roof houses) in the present day

 We conducted a citywide survey in 2023 on the number of thatched roof houses remaining in Kobe. Based on the results, we have designated them as cultural properties and Architectural Artifacts of Importance to the Landscape.


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Kobe initiatives to promote their preservation and utilization

We are making the traditions handed down to us our own.
We have a variety of support systems in place to ensure that thatched roof houses can be used with peace of mind, including the “Kobe Kayabuki Guidebook”, which provides an accessible introductions to building safety regulations, as well as various cultural property and landscape systems.


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